How To Increase RAM Of PC Using Pen Drive


Welcome again guys, today in this tutorial you will learn How To Increase RAM Of Your PC Using PenDrive? There are many websites which are claiming that this trick will increase your RAM memory. But, it would never increase your RAM, it’ll just cache your contents in a pendrive. So your computer gets faster. Now,

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An introduction to PHP

Learn php web development


Today, In this tutorial I’ll cover the basics of php web development.

An introduction to php:-

PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. PHP is a server-side programming language. It is widely used language for server-side programming. There are many big companies that are using php for web development, for instance whole is written in php as well as most used blogging platform wordpress also using php.  PHP is very easy language.


First of all to Learn php web development, you’ll be needed to do environment setup on your local machine because php is not client side it’s server-side.
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