Top 10 Renowned Companies/Websites Using WordPress


Here is the list of Top 10 Renowned Companies/Websites Using WordPress.

As we all know WordPress is the best blogging platform and best for startups as well. So, here is the list of top 10 renowned companies/websites using WordPress.

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How To Increase RAM Of PC Using Pen Drive


Welcome again guys, today in this tutorial you will learn How To Increase RAM Of Your PC Using PenDrive? There are many websites which are claiming that this trick will increase your RAM memory. But, it would never increase your RAM, it’ll just cache your contents in a pendrive. So your computer gets faster. Now,

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Updated: WordPress Ping List For Faster Indexing – 2017

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Below is the updated ping list for wordpress

wordpress ping list for 2017

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4 Ways To Hack Facebook Accounts And How To Prevent Yourself

Hello guys, today in this tutorial I’m gonna tell you the four ways by which you can hack facebook accounts and how to prevent yourself from such hacks. There are four most used hacking tricks which are further described. So, lets get started.

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How to hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking and how to prevent yourself from such hacks?

How to hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking.

hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking.


  • Linux or any perl enabled machine.
  • Perl script download it from here.
  • Bruteforce-hacking-database. Get it from here.

Note:- This article is for eductational purposes only. Facebook can block your ip. You should only try this with your own account just for checking your password’s strength.

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