How To Increase RAM Of PC Using Pen Drive

increase ram

Welcome again guys, today in this tutorial you will learn How To Increase RAM Of Your PC Using PenDrive? There are many websites which are claiming that this trick will increase your RAM memory. But, it would never increase your RAM, it’ll just cache your contents in a pendrive. So your computer gets faster. Now,

What would you need:

  1. Pendrive of minimum size of 8GB.

Activating Readyboost To Increase RAM:

Step 1: Insert your pendrive.

increase ram

Step 2: Format your pendrive to NTFS filesystem as shown in the above screenshot.

increase ram

Step 3: Right click on it and highlight(i.e., click) on Readyboost as shown in above screenshot.

Step 4: Select Use this device and set space to reserve for caching (4Gb-16Gb recommended).

Step 5: Click Apply.

Step 6: Now you’ll get faster speed.

Deactivating Readyboost:

The process would be the same as above but you’ll have to select Do not use this device instead of use this device and then click Apply.


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