How to hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking and how to prevent yourself from such hacks?

hack facebook accounts

How to hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking.

hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking.


  • Linux or any perl enabled machine.
  • Perl script download it from here.
  • Bruteforce-hacking-database. Get it from here.

Note:- This article is for eductational purposes only. Facebook can block your ip. You should only try this with your own account just for checking your password’s strength.

So, lets get started.

In this tutorial I’ll be using Windows with ActivePerl. If you have a windows machine then you can google and download the supported version of perl to your machine.

Step1:- Open cmd and run perl cmd window should look like this:
hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking

Step2:- Now, run perl VICTIMUSERNAME WORDLIST. Don’t forget to replace VICTIMUSERNAME and WORDLIST with your victim’s username and wordlist/passlist. For instance: perl [email protected] passlist.txt.
hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking

I’ve hidden loginid and pass for security purposes.


Now, how to prevent yourself from such attacks:

  1. You should have a strong password like eraselikepro#$%9958.
  2. Do not include key combinations like 1234 in your passwords.
  3. Your password should contain minimum 12 letters.
  4. Do not use your email as your password.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed facebook cracking. Please visit this link to read our other posts. Keep visiting our site we’ll post other hacking tricks.

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hack facebook accounts using brute force hijacking

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