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Best Mobile Phones of 2018! Galaxy Note 8 , iPhone

Hello guys, In this blog post I’m gonna make a list of Best Mobile Phones of Jan-2018. It’s about 2 weeks for ending 2017. So, lets take a look at the Best Mobile Phones of Jan-2018 and flagship phones of 2017. We’ll talk about mobile phones of brands like OnePlus, Apple, Samsung etc.  

How To Get Started With Android Development

Hello guys, In this blog post I’m gonna tell you How To Get Started With Android Development. Android is most used mobile operating system followed by IOS. Like in case of IOS app development, you need knowledge of objective C and/or swift, You will need to have pretty knowledge of Java. Java is easy to use and learn language. In […]


Buying likes with SocioBlend (Review)

Hello guys this is Yuvraj Singh and today in post I’ll be reviewing Socioblend. Guys, have you ever heard people buying likes and followers through many websites. It sounds pretty cool but some of us ignore it by just saying that this is not legitimate or real. They are not completely false but there is […]

Sad story behind Made In India.

Hey guys this is Yuvraj Singh and today in this blog post I’m gonna make you clear about the myths of Make In India. We often see the sticker of Made In India on many gadgets like mobile phones, speakers etc. But many of us don’t know the truth behind Made In India. 

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Review

Hello guys the new Apple iPhone 8 is now launched for approx. $909(₹60000). It runs on the latest IOS 11. It is the first iPhone to come with wireless charging. If you love clicking photos then this iPhone is best for you because Apple has improved its camera. The difference between iPhone 8 and 8 […]

How to get 1k-100m followers on Instagram?

As we all know, nowadays getting followed by thousands of people is dream of everyone. Some are using bots to get 50-100 followers per hour and some are getting organic followers by following others. So, In this post I’m gonna tell you How to get 1k-100m followers on Instagram? There are many ways to get followers but […]


How To Increase RAM Of PC Using Pen Drive

Welcome again guys, today in this tutorial you will learn How To Increase RAM Of Your PC Using PenDrive? There are many websites which are claiming that this trick will increase your RAM memory. But, it would never increase your RAM, it’ll just cache your contents in a pendrive. So your computer gets faster. Now,