How To Get Started With Android Development

Hello guys, In this blog post I’m gonna tell you How To Get Started With Android Development. Android is most used mobile operating system followed by IOS. Like in case of IOS app development, you need knowledge of objective C and/or swift, You will need to have pretty knowledge of JavaJava is easy to use and learn language. In this blog post I’ll also cover the best tutorials around the internet for Java and android. But remember that you can also create hybrid applications in javascript, html etc. For hybrid app development you’ll need to learn cordova/react native/phonegap etc.

So, basically you can create an android application in two ways:

  1. Hybrid

  2. Native

We need to figure out what’s the differences between these two ways of creating Android Applications.


Differences between native and hybrid applications
These can be only developed for a single platform.You can develop cross platform applications i.e., they can run on a number of platforms like Android, IOS, Windows etc. with same code.
The time taken for development of native apps is slightly more as compared to hybrid ones.It would take very less time to create of hybrid apps.
You’ll be needed to have pretty much knowledge of Java for Android and Objective C for iOS.You’d need to learn web technologies like HTML, CSS, JS etc
You’ll need a dedicated IDE for creating native apps like Android Studio, Eclipse IDE(deprecated).You can write codes even in notepad.
Learning to create native applications is time taking but it’s very beneficial.Learning to create hybrid applications is a bit tricky.

So, a question would come in your mind i.e., What should I choose: Hybrid or Native? This question also came into my mind when I made my mind to create android applications.

If you just wanna create an application for your website which doesn’t interact with mobile phone much, I would recommend going through Hybrid. But, If you’re creating applications for services like social media, games etc. They’ll need to be faster. So, In this case I’ll recommend you going through Native creation.

Now, It’s time to create your application. I guess you got the right answer for that question now. So, Here I have best tutorials around the globe for android development.



  1. Official Android development tutorial Getting Started | Android Developers
  2. Tutorialspoint Android Tutorial
  3. Udacity Android Development for Beginners | Udacity
  4. Codeschool Learn Android | Code School


You have many options for going through hybrid application creation like Apache Cordova, Adobe Phonegap, React native etc.

For Cordova

  1. Tutorialspoint Cordova Tutorial
  2. Lynda Learning Apache Cordova –
  3. Official Documentation Apache Cordova

For Phonegap

  1. Obviously, Tutorialspont PhoneGap Tutorial
  2. Lynda Learning PhoneGap Build –
  3. CodeSunder A Complete PhoneGap Tutorial (Beginners to Advanced)

For React Native

  1. Tutorialspoint React Native Tutorial
  2. Official facebook doc. Learn the Basics · React Native – Facebook Code
  3. React Native doc. Best Courses to learn React Native and React
  4. Udemy Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS | Udemy

So, you’ve been watching Tutorialspoint everywhere, that’s because I’m using this website for a long time to learn. I’ll highly recommend you taking its tutorials. Quora and Stackoverflow are always here to help you getting out of problems in development of Android applications. But, what if you don’t like written tutorials, Here are some best youtube channels which provide best android tutoring.

Best Youtube Channels to Learn Android Development

  1. The New Boston
  2. Android Developers
  3. Derek Banas
  4. Udacity
  5. Udemy
  6. Devslopes

These are the six best Youtube channels to learn android development from. I’ll recommend you watching both video and written tutorials about android development.

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