iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Review

Hello guys the new Apple iPhone 8 is now launched for approx. $909(₹60000). It runs on the latest IOS 11. It is the first iPhone to come with wireless charging. If you love clicking photos then this iPhone is best for you because Apple has improved its camera. The difference between iPhone 8 and 8 plus is that iPhone 8 plus comes with 5.5 inches retina display and dual rear camera while iPhone 8 has 4.7 inches retina display with a rear camera. So lets take a look at this iPhone. Read more

How to get 1k-100m followers on Instagram?

As we all know, nowadays getting followed by thousands of people is dream of everyone. Some are using bots to get 50-100 followers per hour and some are getting organic followers by following others. So, In this post I’m gonna tell you How to get 1k-100m followers on Instagram? There are many ways to get followers but I’ll explain only few of them.

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